Boxing: Tyson Rage insults Joshua before possible fight

Everyone awaits a possible mega-fight between Tyson Fury and boxing superstar Anthony Joshua.

Since Fury did not expect that he would be training anytime soon, he stopped training and is on leave. There he says that he drinks 12 pints of beer a day.

In Great Britain and Ireland, beer is served in a pint. Thus, one pint makes about 0.568 liters. Accordingly, Tyson drinks 6.8 liters of beer per day.

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But like a rage IFL TV States that, he currently only consumes his calories from alcohol. The 32-year-old said, “I am training and retraining with no progress.

Before Mega-Fight: Fury insults Joshua

Later, during MTK Global’s Fight Night in Bolton, Fury even stated that he could beat Joshua even after 14 pins. This is equivalent to about 8 liters of beer.

“, I could drink 14 pins and still give AJ a beating. (…) I don’t train anymore. I only need six or seven weeks for this bum anyway,” Fury. he said.

Nor will he see himself in the ring in Great Britain at this time. With him, the “Gypsy King” did not have high expectations for a fight in the near future.

“Am I going to fight Joshua in the next ten minutes? No. Do I think the fight is going to be for a while? Yes, it has to happen. Do I think it’s next or imminent? No, I’m on my Won’t stop breathing. This is for sure. “

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