Botched art restoration turned Virgin Mary into a mess

Botched art restoration turned Virgin Mary into a mess

This picture is pretty sketchy.

In a situation that could change laws covering restoration work in Spain, a copy of famous artworks went beyond recognition during a repair job.

An anonymous art collector has commissioned a furniture restorer to clear a copy of “The Perfect Understanding of Los Venerables,” a famous work by Baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. Europa Press reported.

However, the results are not “good” but “pulling”.

The happy face of the Virgin Mary looked like a shapeless lump, after two attempts to restore it to its original state, with smeared red lips and crooked eyes. The cost of the work is about $ 1,350.

The shady restoration made comparisons with the famous “Ecce Homo” failure in 2012.

In this case, an amateur art restorer in the town of Borja in Spain turned his attention to the fresco of Jesus Christ, “Ecce Homo” (“Behold the Man”), painted by Elías García Martínez in 1930.

But his “correction” made Jesus’ face completely unrecognizable – it became a global laugh and made comparisons with a fuzzy potato and a monkey.

Now, conservation experts in Spain are calling for the tightening of laws covering restoration work.

Fernando Carrera, professor of Galician School of Conservation and Restoration, He told The Guardian He thinks that the restoration should be left to the professionals.

“We have to make sure that people doing these kinds of jobs are trained on this,” said Carrera.

“Can you imagine anybody else who is allowed to work on others? Or is it allowed to sell drugs without a pharmacist license? Or is someone who is not an architect allowed to build a building? “

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Maria Borja, vice president of the Valencia division of the Spanish Association of Conservative Restorers, said that although social media has drawn attention to several cases, scattered restoration work may be more common than people know.

“There are a lot of situations in which the works are interfered by people without training… possibly causing an irreversible change,” Europa Press told.

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