There is no terrorist connection in the British park, stabbing 3 dead: cops

One person was arrested after being stabbed to the death of three, and the other three were massively stabbed in a British park – but officials now say the incident is not considered a terrorist attack.

The 25-year-old suspect, living in Reading, England, apparently walked towards the bustling Forbury Gardens park on a bright summer evening and began to cut people randomly. At least 12 people stabbed.

According to the BBC, a witness described the alleged driller as a tall person who “walked around a large group trying to shout and stab some words that were not immediately understood” while walking in the park.

Initial reports showed that the police had been “terrorist” to the incident, but officials said they haven’t thought it had a terrorist link ever since.

The police were arrested on suspicion of murder. No other suspects are wanted.

“There is no intelligence to suggest that there is another danger to the public, but we call people to stay awake by calling the police and report anything suspicious,” said Detective Chief Investigator Ian Hunter, “This is only about terrorist incident, officers are open-minded about the incident and motivation in the Southeast. The Anti-Terrorist Police is supported by colleagues. “

Armed police were seen later entering an apartment complex however, it is unclear how Basingstoke Road houses are linked to deadly stabbing.

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