Bobsleigh Dominator Francesco Frederick: As if drunk with overall World Cup win

Innsbruck / Eagles. National coach René Spies gives Francesco Frederick the look of his life, international commentators call the Winter Games Saxon Lewis Hamilton: to describe the dominance of Olympic bobsleigh winner Frederick, new dignitaries have to be used. The contest basically calculates the result lists according to Frederick. Also in the World Cup final at Innsbruck / Eagles. At the 1976 Olympia track, Oberbahrenberger won 14-and-15 seasons with Alexander Schuler in a two-man and four-man with Thorsten Margis, Candy Bauer and Schuler, thus setting his World Cup win record before the World Championship Turned 52 on Thursday starting.

Show off

One loss during season two, unbeaten in four: Frederick drives in a different league. No one can keep up, especially in the beginning. “Hai, all-in-all and end-all. He’s very lord,” the detective said, praising the Dominator. The Frederick team is not satisfied with this. With 4.95 seconds left, pushing Margis couldn’t really make friends. “We really did set ourselves an early record,” he said. It is held by the Frederick team with 4.93 seconds.

The Pilot remained calm in both sleds and immediately focused on the World Championship despite a World Cup victory. “We still have some work to do, especially with regard to the content. Let’s see which skid box we have to reach and what we do with the bob setup,” said the perfectionist. It is no wonder, therefore, that he is not only being compared to this success, but also to Great Britain’s seven-time Formula 1 world champion Hamilton this winter.

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His biggest rival Johannes Lochner used the World Cup final for materials and pusher tests. Fourth out of four did not meet her requirements. “We wanted to be the third,” he said. The World Cup will not be a sure-fire success.

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