Bird flu makes its presence in Algeria

Algeria first sees avian flu outbreak.

Finally, Algeria would not have survived the avian flu pandemic, which continues to ruin the poultry world. Indeed, the director of veterinary services at the Algerian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ahmed Chowki Karim Booghlem, linked the OEE epidemiological data to this outbreak of “highly pathogenic” influenza discovered at a farm in the city of AN Fakraun. Olea El Bugahi’s Villaya.

According to the World Organization, “this is a 29-week-old laying farm with clinical signs of avian influenza.” 50,000 chickens died of the disease and 1,200 died.

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Already in January 2021, Natural science Had indicated in an article that the virus, discovered in Algeria, “is not transmitted to humans like the H5N1 virus”. “Both are influenza A viruses, but H5N8 is the virus that causes avian influenza, while H5N1 causes avian influenza,” Bloody reports.

In addition, H5N8 virus has a high speed of spread. Thus, “The sooner animals are killed at the onset of symptoms, the better it is in terms of animal welfare, as these are diseases that cause great harm to animals”.

Thus, to fight against the spread of the virus, Algerian authorities have implemented a certain number of measures, including destroying dead bodies, product and waste, stamping outside, banning movement inside the country…

Remember that there are no cases of avian flu in Morocco.

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