Avian flu: Russia prohibits importation of Algerian poultry products

According to Algerian media, Russian health services have decided to ban the importation of poultry, live birds and eggs from Algeria after discovering cases of avian flu in this Maghrebian country.

“With respect to worsening of the epidemic situation in Algeria due to infection by the highly infectious avian influenza virus from 2 March 2021, a temporary ban has been imposed on the importation of certain products”, the Algerian media specified, citing federal veterinary medicine. And the Phytosanitary Control Service of Russia.

These are live poultry and eggs, poultry meat and all types of poultry products that have not been subjected to heat treatment (at least 70%).

The Algerian Press adds that it is also prohibited to import finished products from poultry or bird feed products: food supplements and fodder for poultry, as well as equipment used for slaughtering and cutting of poultry.

Early last February, Algerian authorities announced a highly pathogenic H5N8 type of avian flu outbreak in the northeast of the country.

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