Algeria: New student protest for the release of detainees

Following the uproar of at least 24 protesters arrested over the weekend during a march of the pro-democracy movement, a large procession of students, teachers and supporters marched through the streets of Algiers on Tuesday to demand the release of prisoners of conscience. For diamond.

The AFP said that the march, which brings together the most students every Tuesday, takes place without incident.

“Free the detainees,” chanted the protesters, whose placards featured portraits of prisoners.

According to the National Committee for Liberation of Detection (CNLD), twenty-four protesters were imprisoned on Monday for “attacking national unity” after being arrested during a hirac march on Saturday in Algiers.

The CNLD said that other activists, including “Diamond Poet” Mohammed Tjajadit, who were arrested again on Sunday evening, were still in custody.

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Several times over the past week, students demonstrated for the right to freedom of expression and to try to “stand up against the corrupt”, and they shouted general anti-government slogans.

In February 2019, due to the helplessness and helplessness of President Abdelaziz Boutaflika’s 5th term, there was a call for radical changes in the political “system” since the country’s independence in 1962.

This unprecedented popular movement in Algeria is multifaceted – from secularists to Islamists – and without any real leadership or political structure, which exposes it to the increasing risks of partition.

Today they have been accused by the authorities of being infiltrated by the heirs of Islamic activists, the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS, dissolved in March 1992), who want to drag this peaceful movement into a violent confrontation.

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