After American reconnaissance, radar focuses on Brussels

Despite the economic and historical ties between Morocco and Europe, Brussels’ position on the Sahara issue has always been clear. Absolute neutrality. But since US recognition in December 2020 of Morocco’s sovereignty over its support, there has been an international trend of supporting the autonomy scheme proposed by Morocco, but which does not greatly affect the European position.

Italian review “Inside “It’s back” Europe’s passive neutrality that does not serve regional stability and integration“. According to the newspaper, ” For Rabat, and after America’s refusal to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over its own recourse, a similar approach to Europe is expected«.

The international community is now moving towards a solution consistent with the plan presented by Morocco in 2007, namely the recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the region, which, for its part, although enjoys a wide autonomy, argues the magazine.

For European countries, ” Internal “Rabat is believed to officially maintain neutrality status”Inactive“, That is to say, it does not contribute to the final resolution of the dispute, but, on the contrary, maintains the status quo which is detrimental to stability and regional integration.

Strongly dissimilar to the United States’ position, specifying the newspaper, recalling the USA’s historic decision in December to preside over Donald Trump, to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara. The newspaper describes it “The American Turn”.

The United States had given official status to a position that had not yet been confirmed, ” Internal“, Recalling that Morocco proposed its autonomy in 2007, Washington has always supported the idea of ​​giving Morocco sovereignty over the Sahara. So it is Trump’s turn to see new President Joe Biden, who dated 20 January 2021 Had not protested, the newspaper said.

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In this way, the US hopes that the draft of the long-standing question relating to the Sahara will be expedited and which continues since 1974, writes the review.

In the title title ” Borita: Europe follows the United States“, The Italian newspaper states that since Washington’s recent position on the Sahara issue, Brussels’ situation is eagerly awaited, as evident by Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Borita’s announcement when he invited the European Union (EU) Followed in the footsteps of the United States.

« Internal “Recalls statements of chief of diplomacy in Rabat who hinted” The turning point in December around the Sahara issue is a natural development of the American situation, which, since 2007, considers Morocco’s autonomy initiative a serious and realistic basis for finding a definitive solution to the territorial dispute..

That is why the situation in Washington expressed, in the eyes of Nasir Borita ” Trends in the international community The newspaper’s goal is to support the North African country’s proposal on the Sahara question.

For Rabat, the positive trend recorded in recent years may experience further acceleration if ” Old continent “Also the sovereignty of Sahara is recognized, the newspaper writes, recalling a statement by Nasir Borita once again he confirmed that this dynamic could expedite the final settlement of this file.

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