“African lion establishes American recognition of Sahara’s Moroccan character”, welcomes L. Othmani

Head of Government, Saad-Edin L. Othmani, Welcomed on twitter That part of the African Lion 2021 exercise is taking place “near the Mahabs and Dakhla in the Moroccan Sahara, with the participation of about 10,000 Moroccan and American troops”. “This is the major achievement of American recognition of Sahara’s Moroccan character,” he insisted.

His tweet went unnoticed as it was quickly picked up by the EFE. “The head of the Moroccan government confirms that (military) maneuvers with the United States involve recourse”, the Spanish press agency writes.

“Al Othmani’s declaration is significant because it is the first gesture by the new US administration that ratifies the announcement of previous President Donald Trump (2017-2021), recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara after months of silence in this regard. ” The Iberian media notes. And to recall, quoting El País, that Spain is not participating in the African lion’s version this year.

Saad-Eddin L. Othmani’s entry into the state’s foreign policy is rare. They generally relate to the question of relations with the Sahara or Spain. So on 17 November he told Reuters that Morocco had completed construction of a protective wall in the buffer zone of El Guerguerite. The deportation was tolerated but on the other hand being normal with Israel, the head of government was forced to make his remarks worthy.

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