A week after the demolition of the power line, Maiduguri is still in the dark

Maiduguri University

For the past one week, residents of Maiduguri, the largest city in northeast Nigeria, have been without electricity. The result of an attack by jihadists against a high voltage power line. Activities in slow motion, the population does not stop complaining.

Since 26 January, when jihadists from the Islamic State (ISWAP) group in West Africa vandalized high-voltage power lines on the outskirts of Maiduguri, residents of the capital and the main city of Borno state in the northeast of Nigeria. A real test. The entire city of about 3 million souls has been plunged into total darkness. This has raised fears of increasing insecurity in the city since 2009 following attacks by jihadist groups such as Boko Haram.

But it is one of the first and largest populations to exist which is an immediate problem, because without electricity, activities slow down. Jeffrey Mamuda, owner of a store selling home appliances, said: “The lack of light seriously affects our activity. People no longer go to shops and business is very poor. ”27, The same feeling of desolation in Welder Booker Moses:“ The city has been without electricity for a week, I had to resolve to work as a construction worker, but that is not enough to feed my family . “

The suffering of the population is more difficult to bear because power cuts lead to water scarcity, usually the pumping system of precious liquid supplied by electric current.
Action is expected of Nigerian authorities at the highest level, especially since the attackers are not in their first attempt. This is, in fact, the third attack of the same nature which he did in a span of a month.

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