250 world leaders write to Biden in support of US decision

Several leaders and elected officials of several countries and regional parliaments, including former and chief of office officials, addressed a letter to the US president recognizing Morocco’s absolute sovereignty in support of its country’s decision.


“Mr. President, we, former heads of government, former ministers, elected officials, members of Parliament, have the honor to write to you to inform you about us.” Satisfaction with sovereign judgment United States “to recognize the full sovereignty of Morocco over the entire territory of the Sahara”, reiterated the signatories of this letter A published tweet By Guelio Terzi, former Foreign Minister of Italy and former Ambassador to the United States and Israel.

This call was able to get together in a very short time 250 signatories from 25 countries in four corners of the world. These are Italy, Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Ireland, Paraguay, Peru, St. . Lucia, Serbia, Spain, as well as members of the European Parliament and mayors of major cities and towns in Europe and around the world.

The signatures of the letter include former Czech Republic President Vlev Claus, former Guatemalan President Jimmy Morels Cabrera, former Bulgarian Prime Minister Guogorui Blaznachki, former Minaso member Stefan Todorov Davidov as well as several depots and senators.

The decision of the United States has come at a time when the political process for settlement of this dispute Needs a new lease of life, Tell the signatories.

L ‘Swaraj, They add, is the only way to end the suffering of the population living in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, ensuring that Africa gains lasting peace and stability in a strategic region, by creating a true vector of peace, stability and prosperity. Do it And also in the world.

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“We can only welcome the decision of the United States Recognize autonomy initiative As the only basis for the resolution of the territorial dispute over the Sahara, as we believe it opens up concrete possibilities to orient the political process of the United Nations towards a final resolution “, they specify, it states They are confident that the United States – the United States, headed by Joe Biden, will continue to pursue the Sahara issue thanks to their continued support for the Sahara Autonomy Initiative.

“We’re worried about the consequences Indefinite extension of status quoIn a large strategic area, by acts of instability carried out by armed militias, due to deadlock, and whose stability is linked to the stability of the African continent and even the Euro-Mediterranean basin “, underlines these various personalities Confused with a prominence of the parties of the center, with a political tendency.

Also, in all directions, the signatures of the development experienced by the Moroccan Sahara were happy Honorable Human Development Index, This shows that this situation was made possible for a new development model in the southern provinces launched by King Mohammed VI in 2015 and concluded with a budget 8 billion dollars.

The signatories were also pleased that the United States had joined With 20 other countries Decided to open consular representation in the cities of Laosoun and Dakhla in Sahara.

He also welcomed the tripartite agreement between Morocco, Israel and the United States, believing that the agreement was likely to strengthen the prospects for peace in the Middle East, which Morocco has historically played. .

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