Yvelins. Saint-Germain-en-Lay: With their eloquence contest, Tribunes uncovers female talent

The competition was created by the Association Les Tribans de Saint-Germain (Yvelines).
The competition was created by the Association Les Tribans de Saint-Germain (Yvelines).

On Saturday 26 March, the Science Po Saint-Germain-en-Le eloquence union, called the Tribans de Saint-Germain, is organizing the second edition of its competition. Since its introduction, the latter has acquired a distinction: only students of the Sciences Po Saint-Germain-en-Lay can participate.

“Enable the spotlighting of female talent”

“The desire was born last year to create this award for public speaking in a chosen non-mixed manner. The idea is to allow female talent to be highlighted, which is still greatly underestimated when it comes to speaking. This is a fight we carry within the union whose office is predominantly female, which is quite rare among eloquence. »

Attila de Toldi, member of the Tribune of Saint-Germain

Before the event, the association plans to organize two sessions, during which it will help the contestants to prepare, find topics and write them.

“For Confirmed Speakers or Beginners”

“It is aimed as much at confirmed speakers as it is for students who have never had this type of competition. It is also aimed at breaking out of the usual framework, which can be very pressing, but also a very liberal one. The framework is there for the idea and the candidates who can approach this contest in the most charitable spirit of witchcraft. »

Following the first edition held remotely, on Saturday 26 March the competition will be open to all spectators, even outside the Sciences Po Saint-Germain-en-Lay.

A jury headed by Letitia Mampaka, queen of eloquence

The jury, made up of women personalities such as Friedrich Martz, co-founder and general manager of the Women’s Safe and Children’s Institute, will be chaired by Belgian Letitia Mumpaka, a star in the world of eloquence.

“This brilliant speaker who supports our union. He made the women’s point of view through eloquence, a very masculine medium, their fight. She will deliver a lecture in the afternoon before the competition. ,

Another peculiarity of the competition, it would lead not to the establishment of a ranking, but to the delivery of the favourites: that of the best speaker, the originality of feelings….

Masterclass by Letitia Mampaka from 2 to 4 p.m. Speech competition begins at 7 pm. Science Po Saint-Germain-en-Lay, 5, rue Pasteur.

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