Youth and freshness for the new BSL S.Lazzaro by Savena Eletromarketing

09/17/2021 by Matteo Airoldi

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The revolution of the air?? Even in the name of youth and freshness to coach Paolo Del’s BSL electromarketing ?? Assisted by Mattia Gori and Giulio Rocco di Torpedula, who prepare to present themselves in the starting line-up of the women’s Serie B championship. Coach Paolo Dell’s group has really complimented his experience with the historical cores of these years such as Trombetti, Romagnoli, Gigi, Melchioni, Zanetti, Vivian and Capellotto, handing over the captain Carla Tallarico and the role of hen and guide. The green and white youth field of many future promises develops as a common denominator: the youngest of the group goes to Noah Campalastri’s class of 2007, followed by the 2006 Emma Ruffini and the equally very young 2005 Asia Conte, Francesca Righi and Adelaide Nanni, and Giulia Colli from 2004 ?? Who has fully recovered from last year’s ankle surgery?? and Camilla Rovaroni, returning from her experience in the United Kingdom. To close the roster picture and bring more experience with Tallarico will be Giulia Gatti, Sara Franceschini, Sara Everto, Bianca Evangelisti and Gaia Grassi who still has a very young identity card but who has already tested the senior championship Is.

?? Although structurally we are a team with a few kilos and centimeters?? Coach Dell Explains?? Spirit and desire are right from the first weeks of training, which had minor hiccups. If we manage to maintain the aggression seen in training and make some friendly moves forward, it will be a year of great growth and maturity, at the end of which we will be able to bring home the set goal which is to play a Calm and hassle free weather???

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Matteo Airoldi – BSL Press Office

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