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the speed at which things are going FranceWith the fourth wave of COVID-19, the anti-Covid vaccine may be available to everyone in the near future when it is already there for some. With the current health pass and its extension law, which will come into effect on August 9, it is difficult to indulge in a holiday without a COVID certificate. Faced with this situation, anti-vaccines think that all means are good to continue enjoying life. Some young people are willing to contract the virus just to avoid vaccination, says lefigaro Who has taken the opinion of some people.

According to Jonathan, although he does not want to contract the virus, he wants to acquire it instead of losing his freedom. ” If I had covid, I would not have had to get vaccinated and therefore to follow all these protocols, I could live without any hindrances and be less alert with respect to the disease. », he invited Figaro. uniformly, Jennifer, 24 years old, does not want to contract the virus at all costs, but “ I would rather eat it and quarantine me and tell my immune system how to beat the disease naturally Because she is afraid of the vaccine.

“Having health is very important”

With a positive test, patients are given a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 valid for 6 months, which exempts them from vaccination for some time. So those who do not want to get vaccinated prefer natural immunity, they want to catch the virus. ” Honestly, if a friend tells me she has COVID and I know I can isolate myself for several weeks, I can go see her and have her cough on me. It is very important to have a health pass because without it we cannot enjoy the pleasures of life. », assured a 20-year-old student.

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However, according to Dr. Faiza Bossi, which also told the newspaper, this one ” false option “Who doesn’t” just push the problem back ”, since a certificate of reinstatement does not have an indefinite life.

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