WTA> Rusedsky: “Radukanu is like Evert, Capriati and Seles”

Sometimes it takes a while to feel the scope of a feat like Emma Radukanu at the 2021 US Open. eurosport In the United Kingdom, East 4I The world player, Greg Rusedsky, was keen to put his compatriot’s exceptional performance in historical context, especially comparing him to the true legends of the sport.

“Emma Radukanu has the potential to be world number one and I think she will go on to become a multiple Grand Slam champion. Very few people did what he did in his first two majors. She reached the fourth round at Wimbledon for her first major tournament, then won the US Open. There are only three other players who have reached round four or better in their first two majors. They are Chris Evert, who has been world number one and won multiple Grand Slam tournaments, Jennifer Capriati, world number one and has won multiple Grand Slam tournaments, and Monica Seles, who joins the ranks of elite superstars of this type. Goes. We’ve never seen a sport before who wins a Grand Slam through qualifying, so her future is going to be good as long as she can stay healthy, and she can keep the right team around. “

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