With Down syndrome, Grace Castle diversifies children’s fashion in the UK

Inclusions – CBBz, JD Sports, River Island: 5-year-old Grace Castle has an impressive portfolio. Diagnosed with Trisomy 21 at birth, the little girl is the new face of several major British brands.

His mother, Linda, told the British daily: “I am very proud to see that different people are beginning to be represented, I think the media is taking a big step forward.” Subway This Thursday, March 17th. “There’s still a long way to go to transform what we consider to be normal, but it’s refreshing to see brands become more inclusive and genuine in their approach,” he added.

First photoshoot at the age of 3

The family is originally from Leeds and now lives about 50 miles away in the north-east of England. Grace Castle began taking hiatus two years ago. “When she was eight months old, we started looking for support groups online to see what was available for her situation,” says Linda Cassel. “We came across a group in Scunthorpe that initially did dance and drama for kids with learning difficulties, but then became a modeling agency, and we wanted to try it out for some fun,” Grace’s mom continues .

Her first photo session takes place for Bowden and is a success: she ends up in the list of English clothing brands. During the shoot, Grace feels comfortable with the cameras and has fun.

“Her friends from support groups love to see her out there because everyone wants to see someone who looks like her,” tells Linda Cassel. SubwayTestifying to the support his daughter has received.

She dedicated, for her part, an Instagram account in order to be visible to people with Down syndrome. She “used to sell clothes,” she says.

Grace’s modeling journey doesn’t seem to be over. Recently, the whole family traveled to Seville, Spain for a photo shoot with River Island. What do all the kids dream of?

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