Windows 11 degrades the performance of some SSDs

Windows 11 has a serious problem with the SSD. Many users actually condemn the performance as very poor in writing, with benchmarks as proof. Microsoft must respond as soon as possible!

If the launch of Windows 11 went well enough, Microsoft’s new operating system is still very buggy and users regularly discover more or less annoying bugs. NVMe affecting the performance of SSDs is nothing new, it was noticed several months ago during the beta testing phase of the operating system.

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But at the time, the bug was put aside due to the beta status of Windows 11. Except that it still exists in the final version! Users have been sharing their SSD benchmarks on Microsoft forums and Reddit and apparently there is a problem with writing data, which in some cases is significantly less than in Windows 10.

Regarding reading data, there is no change, the bug only affects writing. But despite community scrutiny, there is currently no well-recognized source that would explain this drop in SSD performance under Windows 11. However, there is an interesting lead: this bug affects the disk on which the operating system is installed. A secondary disk exhibits the expected performance.

Microsoft seems to be aware of this problem, having improved the performance of SSDs with the latest build of the operating system (22000.348). But we are still far from Windows 10. Unfortunately for Windows 11, this problem is likely to overwhelm it, as was the case with performance bugs with AMD processors.

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