Will the earth stop turning? Is there a change in speed?

Will the earth stop turning? Will the same happen in future? Why the sudden change in the speed at which the Earth rotates? Basically running. What will happen if the Earth stops turning? Will anyone cause havoc? Is this an indication of end time? There are many doubts and fears. A situation in which reality is somewhat untrue is somewhat unknown. Everything is confusing .. If a slow-moving earth stops at once, then many kinds of doubts and doubts arise. Life existence has become suspicious.

According to Professor of Chemistry and Physics Dave Consiglio, the Earth will never stop .. It will never stop .. It is guaranteed. For billions of years from now, the Earth will still rotate, even if the oceans dry up and the planet burns and becomes circular. Normally moving objects rotate until there is no change in force or friction. The Earth has been orbiting its axis since 4.6 billion years ago.

Rotates clockwise or counterclockwise? :
The direction of rotation of the earth is from west to east. If you stand at the North Pole and watch the rotation of the Earth .. it appears to be rotating counterclockwise.

Why does the Earth rotate? :
Scientists say that the solar system originated billions of years ago from gas, dust and large clouds. Niharika first became a star. The star is rotating in a circular orbit due to gravity. Along with the Sun, planets also started rotating.
What will happen if the Earth stops turning? “
Scientists say that the Earth will not stop in our lifetime, or even for billions of years. This seems impossible only when an unexpected force can completely prevent any earthquake. If the Earth suddenly stopped moving in the atmosphere, it would rotate like the oceans. Everything else will be destroyed. In general, it is said that if the Earth suddenly stopped turning, everything on the surface of the Earth would be completely destroyed. If the Earth rotates slowly over a period of several years, the oceans will move towards the poles.

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The oceans around the equator dry up completely. The world is sinking. The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours. So we travel 24 hours per day at a speed of 1,000mph. If the Earth stops rotating on its axis .. then one day will last a whole year. Sunlight comes everywhere on Earth. The result is no real darkness. By being in the sun continuously for 6 months.

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