Will Ericsson play football again?

Christian Eriksson may be forced to end his career at the age of 29 after suffering a heart attack during a Denmark-Finland clash on Saturday.

This isn’t the first question we asked ourselves when we saw the images. The main thing is that Christian Eriksson is back to life, Saturday, after his heart failure. Dane left the lawn on a stretcher, hidden behind a sheet, escorted by his teammates. Shall we see him on the football field again? It is far from an acquisition.

“I don’t know if he’ll ever play football again, Dr Sanjay, a professor of sports cardiology at the University of London, told Reuters. It may sound rude, but Ericsson was dead for a few minutes. Will health professionals risk letting him die again? The answer is no. The good news is that he’s going to live, the bad thing is that he’s probably near the end of his career. He will not be allowed to play in the UK anyway, we are very strict about that. “

Ericsson deprived of top football?

Now in India, which matter is Dr Sharma apt to discuss?ericsson, since he personally looked after the player when the latter played for Tottenham (2013-2020). ” I thought : ‘Oh dear me ? Is there anything we haven’t seen?’ But I looked at all the test results and everything seemed perfect ”, He explains.

A heart defect can always escape the eyes of doctors, even the best on the planet. Hence no risk will be taken with Ericsson. “It’s probably the end of his career, Thus contacted by Daily Mail, Dr. Murray believes. In addition, the Italians (Ericsson plays at Inter Milan, editor’s note) will prevent him from resuming sports practice if a cardiac anomaly is detected, that is the law. “

So everything will depend on the next tests passed by the Danish playwright. “Subsequent examinations will make it possible to verify that there are no neurological sequelae and that the lack of oxygen to the brain was not harmful, Summary with L’Equipe Laurent Chevalier, co-president of the Sports Cardiologists Club. He may be unable to return to professional football and may no longer be able to become a top athlete. There may be more modest consequences in his everyday life, but he will no longer be able to cope with the high level of demands and intensity. It is important that his life be saved. “

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