Widespread revelations about the parties hosted by Boris Johnson

Not a week goes by without the press covering up the celebratory events at 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, during severe health restrictions.

Monday 24 January, the turn of news channel ITV News that a birthday party organized for Boris Johnson would have taken place at the Prime Minister’s workplace in June 2020, when rallies were banned across the channel. covid-19 pandemic. One allegation was rejected outright by his cabinet.

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The United Kingdom strongman, who was elected victoriously in 2019, has had a string of disappointments since November. the first shot came from daily Mirror, The Conservative newspaper revealed that several festivities took place at 10 Downing Street during the months of November and December 2020, when London was closed.

frequent parties

Several investigations published in various media later report a farewell party organized for aid and alleged incidents. “Stress Relief” staff with “Drinks, Food and Games”, Initially denied by those around Boris Johnson, the revelations follow one another and force the British prime minister to point out that the parties applied in accordance with health regulations.

In early December 2021, a video of a fake press conference was leaked. In this nearly fifty-second clip, press officer Allegra Stratton implies that there may have actually been a Christmas party on the premises of 10 Downing Street. Under pressure, he left the job.

The troubles did not stop here for Boris Johnson, already in trouble in the face of British public opinion. Barely a week after a video of his press officer, a photo of the prime minister’s appearance at a festive quiz from a year ago further tarnishes the former London mayor’s reputation. Worse, according to revelations from Wire, “Bojo” reportedly hosted several members of the Conservative Party for a drink the day before Prince Philip’s funeral. He later apologized to Queen Elizabeth II.

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a weak position

As a result of these revelations, his place at the head of the British government is in danger: a member of his camp has left to join the opposition, public opinion is tired of the scandals and the events are under investigation. Findings are to be presented this week by Sue Grey, a senior British official in charge of the investigation.

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An investigation was also opened by British police on Tuesday 25 January for violation of rules designed to fight the pandemic. Prime minister “Will fully cooperate, however requested,” Boris Johnson’s spokesman said.

To forget them, the prime minister announced the lifting of health restrictions on the British from 27 January: the wearing of masks on a voluntary basis, the end of recommended teleworking and the termination of health passes. The measures taken by very critical conservative tabloids since the first revelations have been warmly welcomed.

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