Why do women no longer want people to talk about “abortion”?


  • In 2022, one in four pregnancies will end naturally in the first five months of pregnancy. Every year, 200,000 French women undergo this test.
  • The petition, launched by the collective, has already collected nearly 7,000 signatures.

“To have miscarriage”. This formulation is used to terminate a pregnancy early, before the 22nd week of amenorrhea, the date of fetal viability. Recently, a collective called “Abortion, the True Experience” called for this expression to be dropped, in a column published in World27 March.

“Natural termination of pregnancy” instead of “miscarriage”

“Let us eliminate the expression ‘having an abortion’ that makes you feel guilty and invisible. Because nothing is wrong, and everything is true. Because we don’t have ‘miscarriages,’ but they have to suffer.” And those words weigh our mind, direct our thoughts and influence our actions. Let’s talk about ‘natural termination of pregnancy’. Because that’s what it is all about and what we experience in our bodies. Huh”, Committed women’s group. The authors of this forum point out that for many women, this natural termination of pregnancy was a traumatic event, affecting both their physical and mental health.

“The use of the word abortion has received much consideration. Its appeal is an expression understood by all, but it remains problematic in many ways. Just the expression ‘to have an abortion,’ seems as though it is a voluntary was work”, explained to Huffington PostSandra Lorenzo, journalist, author of A Miscarriage Like No Other, and forum signer.

Measures proposed by the collective for better care

The collective indicated that it wants to remove taboos surrounding early termination of pregnancy so that women benefit from better care. For this the members of the group propose several measures. One of them is the establishment of the National Multimedia Information Campaign. The signatories demand the establishment of 100% paid sick leave from work of at least three days for women and their spouses who have naturally undergone termination of pregnancy.

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The collective also calls for the establishment of training for midwives and obstetricians-gynecologists. “Going through the natural termination of pregnancy is still often encountered with a health practitioner who tells us that the phenomenon is ‘normal’, without recognizing its absolute singularity, that ‘nature is actually created’, which gives us an explanation. or follow-up, to get our fetus out of the toilet”, Can we read in the petition started by the group.

These committed women also want an increase in the budget allocated to hospitals for better management of early termination of pregnancy. Another approach: integration into SVT programs of teaching on natural pregnancy termination and sexuality education courses from the college. “Provision of a handbook on natural termination of pregnancy in all obstetricians, PMIs and offices of general practitioners, midwives and gynecologists” Also claimed by the collective.

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