Why AMD advises against installing a new system

Following user feedback, AMD is asking owners of Ryzen processors to stay on Windows 10.

Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

Windows 11 certainly likes to select the processors it wants to work with. After the installation conditions are already quite restrictive, we learn that AMD processors will be prone to bugs with the new Microsoft systems.

Several users have raised performance issues under Windows 11, and AMD was able to confirm the concerns.

An AMD bug and a Microsoft bug

AMD has posted a page to explain the problem. On Windows 11, PCs with AMD Ryzen processors can experience performance issues due to two bugs.

The first greatly increases the latency of the L3 cache, as it is multiplied by 3. This is a real problem, as it is the low latency of this cache that is part of the processor’s performance. With this bug, the processor can access its fastest and most basic memory less frequently and easily. According to AMD, this bug can cause performance degradation of 3 to 5% on normal applications, and Up to 10 to 15% off on games used in eSports.

The other bug is caused by the poor handling of the various processor cores by the PC. AMD points to an issue with UEFI CPPC2 that would require a software update for the platform and not Windows 11. So we understand that this bug is more in AMD’s camp than Microsoft’s, but it’s due to a problem. Happens only with Windows 11 installed. Applications that are sensitive to the performance of one or more threads may experience performance issues. AMD indicates that this problem primarily affects processors with more than 8 cores and a TDP greater than 65W.

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a fix under development

In both cases, a solution is already under development and AMD hopes to fix everything before the end of October 2021. The first bug would be fixed by an update to Windows 11 developed by Microsoft, while the second bug would require “software”. Update that will concern AMD and motherboard manufacturers.

In the meantime, AMD recommends staying on Windows 10 if you don’t want to experience these inconveniences.

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