WHO reverses position in facial masks as coronavirus cases increase

WHO reverses position in facial masks as coronavirus cases increase

The World Health Organization now advises everyone to wear face masks when they are unable to implement social distance – from their previous guidance on stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

WHO general director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced the shift on Friday due to new evidence that face masks worn by healthy people may be “an obstacle to potentially infectious droplets”. BBC reported.

WHO has always recommended that sick people and their caregivers should wear medical face masks. The new guide advises healthy people to wear non-medical face masks.

WHO officials were determined for months that a healthy person would get a false sense of security from wearing a mask and use the materials needed by medical professionals.

New York already has the authority to wear a face mask if everyone cannot stay at least 6 meters apart.

Recent studiesHowever, show that people can be very contagious a few days before they show symptoms or catch the virus and never show symptoms.

Governments should encourage the general public to wear masks with widespread transmission and physical distances, such as in public transport, shops or other closed or crowded environments. ”

Guidance, transmission speeds South AmericaMiddle East and Africa, CNN reported.

The number of approved cases is increasing more than 100,000 per day For a period of seven days, the output reported.

The number of new cases has exceeded 100,000 for nine of the last 10 days. New cases in April did not exceed 100,000 in one day.

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