WHO donates vehicle to Ndjamena Faculty of Human Health Sciences

The World Health Organization (WHO) is convinced that improving working conditions and the intervention of teachers and students, and strengthening the resilience of the health system, is a strong guarantee of quality improvement. Services provided to the Chadian population. The same is true of maintaining the continuity of state activities in the provision of services, strengthening the coordination of responses and socio-economic recovery of the most affected populations and the most vulnerable groups.

To the WHO representative in Chad, Dr. Jean Bosco Ndihokubweo, “It is direct to hand over this rolling stock of $25,300 received within the framework of the Chad/WHO cooperation for activities related to the mission of teaching and monitoring student lands during the internship.” It is related to the mission of WHO in terms of capacity building for personnel training institutions, as HRH is an important pillar of any national health system which is nothing without human resource in quantity and quality.

“When you receive a donation or gesture that matters, you have only one word to say. It is the word thank you”. It is with a smile that Madzindaye Yambedje, SG, Nadjamena University, made this statement The WHO representative in Chad was promised that the dean would make good use of it and oversee the use of this rolling stock. And much more, it is a good one that should contribute to the good functioning of the faculty.

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