Who, Britain or France, is the cheese champion?

Stilton or Bleu d’Auvergne? Cheddar or Mimolet? The debate suddenly reignited itself across the channel this week with the claim of Edward Hancock, founder of online shop Cheesegeek, that the UK now produces more than 1,000 different types of artisan cheese. It’s 550. is double of “miserable” recognized thing for France, according to daily Express,

Widely circulated by the British press, may point to the end of information “French hegemony” In the field of artisan cheese, the report is very grim Times Tuesday 10th May. a reversal that is characteristic of the daily “A craze for artisan cheese making that sparked a wave of creativity this side of Chanel”.

a few days later, daily Telegraph The title went on: “Sorry, the French, but the British are better than you in the kitchen”, reflection tracking : “A victory that is sweetest to take to come. Hundreds of years to be exact.”

Because, for this London journalist, the taste of Kent’s sparkling wine has cast away the last doubt over the fact that the United Kingdom no longer had to hide for its gastronomy. And France in particular isn’t far behind, which in recent years has had its culinary culture crushing with the proliferation of fast food in its region. In the UK, meanwhile:

“Today we see A The proliferation of independent butchers and caterers, the rise of passionate producers, the best restaurants in the world and an extremely diverse culinary scene overall. With lots of cheese. that’s wonderful !”

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