Which countries qualified for the 2022 finals?

Eurovision 2022. We know the 25 countries that will participate in the Eurovision final, Saturday 14 May 2022. List, songs, favorites, we summarize everything for you before the big night.

11:52 – Favorite Ukraine, is it guaranteed to win?

Since its invasion by Russia, Ukraine has been a favorite according to bookmakers. It must be said that geopolitics often gets involved in singing contests. Punters estimate that the country represented by the Kalush Orchestra Group has a 59% chance of gaining the symbolic support of voters, ahead of the United Kingdom (11%) and Sweden (9%). But 20 Minutes teaches us, experts in support, that nothing is predetermined and that a complex geopolitical context does not necessarily ensure the victory of the country concerned. Indeed, Ukraine has already scored a small victory as Russia was knocked out of the competition shortly after Vladimir Putin’s troops invaded the country.

11:32 – Is running order beneficial to France?

This may not seem important, but the order in which Eurovision passes could be decisive in the final classification. According to competition observers and experts, a route to the second half of Eurovision is often beneficial to candidates, as it is closer to the final vote. Viewers, whose vote represents 50% of the final result, take into account their performance as it is recent. A bad point for France, as Alvan and Ahez are in sixth place, and therefore in the first half of the evening?

11:17 – In what order to pass for the Eurovision final?

Insignificant to some, the order of passage during the Eurovision final can however influence the final votes. France will pass in first. As reported by the Eurovisionworld site, the order made by lot is as follows: Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, France, Norway, Armenia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Moldova, Sweden, Australia, United Kingdom, Poland, Serbia, Estonia.

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11:02 – How to follow the Eurovision final from France?

The Eurovision 2022 final, like every year, is visible in France. It is Saturday, May 14th, from 9:00 pm, that you will have to meet in front of your television to follow the European singing competition. As is usually the case, France 2 is responsible for the broadcast of the programme. It is also possible to follow it in streaming on the france.tv site.

10:47 – Where to find candidate songs for Eurovision 2022?

Eurovision Songs. The race for the Eurovision 2022 final will consist of 25 songs. You don’t know them yet? Luckily, the event’s official YouTube account provides a playlist for finding all the candidate titles for the title. You can listen to Eurovision songs by clicking here.

10:29 – Which countries were automatically qualified for the Eurovision Finals?

France is not the only country that automatically qualified for the Eurovision Finals. The four other biggest financial contributors to the competition also have this privilege: this is the case of Italy (which would have been exempted as well as the organizer of the 2022 edition), the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. These five delegations join the 20 nations that qualify after the semi-finals in the competition this Saturday, May 14, 2022.

10:13 – Why did France not participate in the Eurovision semi-finals?

Unlike most countries, France was not required to participate in the semi-finals of Eurovision. Each year, France automatically qualifies for the final stage of the competition as a member of the “Big Five”, a grouping that brings together the five most economically contributing countries to the organization of Eurovision. A chance for Tricolor representatives, Alwan and Ahez!

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09:59 – When is the Eurovision 2022 final?

The Eurovision semi-final is over. The second qualifying round ended this Thursday, 10 May 2022, just two days before the final broadcast live from Turin (Italy) on TF1. It is Saturday, May 14, 2022 that we will know the winner of Eurovision 2022. Who will replace controversial Italian group Maneskin? Answer tomorrow!

09:46 – Which countries are participating in the Eurovision 2022 final?

The semi-finals determined the 20 nations who will join the Big Five in the Eurovision final on Saturday. Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova and the Netherlands qualified in the first semi-finals on 10 May. Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Sweden took their places on Thursday.

09:37 – The Eurovision semifinal is over

Prior to the Eurovision final on May 14, 2022, competing nations made their way to the rest of the competition during the semi-finals. They aired live and in replay on France 4 on 10 and 12 May 2022. At the end of these two qualifying stages, twenty candidates won their tickets for the final on Saturday.

Eurovision 2022 pauses the beginning of May. The final will take place this Saturday, May 14, 2022 in Turin. In France, the program can be followed from 9 pm on France 2. Prior to this, the two semi-finals made it possible to select twenty candidate countries for the final. They took place on Tuesday 10 May 2022 and Thursday 12 May 2022, a few days before the winner of this 66th edition was known.

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France is represented by the Breton group Alvan & Ahez at Eurovision 2022. The formation has four members: the female trio Ahez Marine Lavigne, Stérne Diridolou and Stérán Le Guillo and the composer Alexis Morvan-Rosius, better known as Alvan. They were selected during the “Eurovision France: It’s You Who Decide” event on 5 March. The tricolor group performs on the stage of Turin the song “Fullen”, which means, in Breton, both “spark” and “pretty girl”. It is from 1977 and Marie Myriam victory that France has not won Eurovision.

We don’t know the Eurovision 2022 rankings yet. Last year, Italian group Menaskin won the singing competition with 524 points, largely saved by public votes. She was on the podium ahead of France and Barbara Pravy (second place with 499 points) and Switzerland (3rd, 432 points). The rankings were topped by Iceland (378 points), Ukraine (364 points) and Finland (301 points). Below, learn more about Eurovision’s latest rankings.

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