WhatsApp: Here are the best tips for easy note-taking

As human beings, we tend to forget many details of our lives. We always need some kind of notification or task list to remind us of notes or daily tasks. And this handy feature comes to help solve this problem. This article will tell you step by step how you can do it.

send notes to yourself via whatsapp

This method may seem complicated to you, but it is relatively simple to implement by following the steps. It’s really like opening a conversation with your own number. This will allow you to exchange notes with your own contact as youDiscuss with a third person.

Here is the procedure to follow to apply it

, Open any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge on your smartphone. Type ” in the address barvery nice,To me// » And add your WhatsApp number without forgetting to enter your country code so that the number is valid. Start the search by pressing “OK”.
, A WhatsApp page will appear on your screen. Press the “Continue Discussion” button.

, You will now be taken to the chat screen where your number will appear at the top Of your profile picture.

, You can then start chatting and send each other your notes. They will be there until you remove them.

You can save your number in your directory to name the conversation if you wish.

create whatsapp group

Compared to the first, this method is a little more convenient and simple. It is really a question of creating a WhatsApp group in which you will be left alone. As a result, you can send your notes without any fear who that Let someone else access it.

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Here’s how to do this method:

, Open WhatsApp on your phone, go to the menu by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and select “New group”.

1. Add any of your close friends or family members to the group by tapping on their contact.

2. Then click on the right-facing arrow.

3. Name the group you are creating that suits you.

4. Click the arrow pointing icon again Law.

, By now, you have definitely been successful in creating your group.
Now all you have to do is remove the other contact from the group so that you are the only one in the group. For this :
, Tap on Group Profile, scroll down and tap on your contact.
, Now click on Removal … ,
, Then press “OK” to confirm.
, If you’ve successfully completed these steps, chances are you’ll find yourself the only member of the group you created earlier. Bingo! Now only you will see any notes, messages or media files you share in the group; You are the only participant.

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