What is the “lily disease” that provokes social networks?


  • Students in the Lille metropolitan area claim to have all the same symptoms: sore throat, cough, loss of voice… and talk of “lily disease” on social networks.
  • According to health professionals, these are actually seasonal diseases such as angina, which reappear after lightening of the obstructive gestures.

Sore throat, aphonia, fatigue, cough … For the past two weeks, on Twitter and TikTok, Internet users living near Lille have complained of symptoms similar to angina or nasopharyngitis. Some report falling ill after visiting nightclubs and bars in the northern capital or attending last Wednesday’s LOSC Champions League match at the Pierre Mauroy Stadium.

Despite the encouraging figures showing a decline in the pandemic across the metropolis, fears of a new version of COVID-19 spreading were just what was needed.

Most of these (young) patients were screened for fear of getting infected, which turned out to be negative. “We were informed by an attending physician who noticed an increase in flu-like symptoms in students in the Lille metropolitan area. After investigation, the suspicion of COVID-19 was ruled out as we were on negative PCR.”, tells BFMTV about a member of the Hauts-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS).

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Not “Lily Disease”… But a Simple Sore Throat

Should we then fear the appearance of a new disease, baptized on social networks by people belonging to “lily disease”?

Health professionals want to be reassured. According to him, there is no new pathology on the horizon… only the return of seasonal diseases before the Covid-19 pandemic, the barrier gestures are no longer being respected so much. asked by voice of answerDr. Sophie Prevot, general practitioner practicing in Old Lille, admits it’s a simple “Return to normal seasonal virus”. And if the majority of patients who describe these symptoms are young, it is because they “Classes have resumed, are starting to mix again, with integration evenings, resumption of associations”. “It’s really business as usual. Viruses aren’t bad this year.”, says the doctor.

Dr. Audrey Lombert, who also practices at Lille, agrees. “These are fairly frequent maladies, especially when the seasons change. I don’t have bizarre angina, no unusual activity”, she specifies north lightning.

“On the other hand, if you have a cough and sore throat, the reflex is really to do a PCR test”Dr. Lombert recalls.

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