What does the Odney Report tell us?

Very soft noises for deafness or vice versa. Bright light moving in the sky. A device with inconsistent shapes. It has been decades since unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been sighted around the world. And with the publication of a very authoritative report on the subject in the United States, researchers hope to be successful in proposing a scientific approach to the question and quelling debate to better understand these phenomena.

He was eagerly waiting. And on June 25 it was finally released. Report to the US Congress prepared by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on (odney) UFO sightings. Or rather, as we say now, to avoid any stigma, the observations of Pan, Hawaii – or Aerospace – have not been identified. a historical report.

No, because it provides strong evidence that aliens have come before us. But because the researchers involved search for life in the universe hope he opens door For more serious work on the pan.

Because the report lacks top quality data and careful scientific study. Examining 144 observations of PAN from government sources between 2004 and 2021, they discussed, for example, the potential for errors. sensor Or poor perception of observers. Result, group by only one segment can be identified “Great Confidence” being a giant balloons deflation. After ten months of hard work…

Extraterrestrial life: a still taboo topic

But why is there so much distrust on the part of scientists regarding Pan’s observations? Perhaps because of the image that Pan, ex-UFO, personifies in society. they are readily associated with the Roswell incident and Zone 51, conspiracy theories, crop circles Or stories of abductions by supernatural beings. stories “sleeping standing” To which researchers are apparently reluctant to add their names. especially since more than half of the observations can be attributed to Meteor or other completely natural phenomena. The most common paan would be… the planet Venus. That some people sometimes imagine moving back and forth and moving very quickly across the sky.

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Outcome: Work on UFOs and Other Incidents related are rarely funded by agencies. still questioned ” in private “Of course, scientists – a little more young and better knowledgeable – believe for many that PAN deserves a more rigorous analysis.

not so surprising when you know that astronomers It is estimated that there are 300 million habitable worlds Galaxy. So many chances that life could have evolved. and most likely approximately as a form of awisdom appeared somewhere. Maybe even before he was on Earth. So he conceived the SETI program Discover Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence – Understand the search for supernatural intelligence. A program long mocked, but since 2020, re-funded by NASA.

Thus the Odney Report calls for stigmatizing UFOs to free up the voices of potentially credible observers such as pilots. it also encourages transparency Long in an area marked with a seal of secrecy. And to closely study the really unexplained cases to date.

a lot to learn

Because if these events have perhaps a very general explanation, they may also symbolize more surprising matters. Even supernatural technologies. Because as Arthur C. Clark said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. According to Harvard University (United States) researcher Avi Loeb, this can happen when robots autonomous. Or even self-replicating devices. After all, our own technology is developing rapidly right now. Soon we will be able to send miniature satellites to other stars. So why shouldn’t other civilizations have already done this in our direction? This is a complete question.

So perhaps the time has come to take a closer look at the matter. By relying on increasingly faster tools. And whether the origin of betel leaves is terrestrial or extraterrestrial, we may learn something new.

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