What did we learn from COVID? How did the pandemic change health care?

What did we learn from COVID? How did the pandemic change health care?

11-Year-Old Ruby Van Wagenen Tested for COVID-19 at Utah Valley Hospital

In May 2020, 11-year-old Ruby Van Wagenen made headlines when she was tested for COVID-19 at Utah Valley Hospital by the Intermountain Healthcare Coronavirus Mobile Testing Unit. Her case was part of efforts to address COVID-19 hot spots in Utah County, as the pandemic continued to spread across the globe.

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020, changing the world in profound ways. Terms like “masking,” “social distancing,” and “flatten the curve” became common as economies, health care systems, and daily life were impacted by the virus.

The U.S. reported over 111 million confirmed cases and 1.2 million deaths as of March 2024, with millions of deaths reported worldwide. The pandemic led to shutdowns, suspended flights, and the beginning of remote work and online education.

One Utah man, Justin Christensen, battled COVID-19 for over two months and was saved by doctors at University Hospital, as reported by Deseret News. Health care delivery shifted towards telehealth, increased mask usage, and new vaccine developments as a response to the crisis.

Societal issues such as delayed cancer screenings, mental health challenges, and social isolation among young people were highlighted during the pandemic. Political divides on COVID-19 policies and responses were evident, with ongoing debates about vaccines, masks, and economic stimulus.

Despite the challenges, the U.S. has managed to navigate the pandemic, with the CDC recently updating guidelines for isolation and a shift towards treating COVID-19 like other seasonal respiratory viruses. Lessons were learned, and the world continues to adapt to the ongoing impacts of the global health crisis.

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