Waves 120 PWM ARGB: Des Fancy SilentiumPC Lumax!

Last June, Polish brand SilentiumPC announced its 120mm Fluctus fans. Therefore, the latter did not have RGB lighting, however, the brand fixes this problem. Indeed, after the company unveiled its Fluctus 120 PWM aRGB, the ventilators are now illuminated.

Fluctus 120 PWM aRGB: Fans come with bright lights!

Clearly, this new variation takes on the same form as the original Fluctus. So we have a square shaped 120 x 25 mm mill with nine serrated blades. However, they become translucent to help diffuse the light generated in the central hub.

As with the Unlimited version, the airflow and static pressure figures are not known. However, we know that these mills will run from 300 RPM to 1800 RPM. Similarly, they offer semi-idle operation for up to 10% PWM signal and will stop when this signal reaches 5%.

The connection is quite simple as it consists of two cables: one for the lighting system, the other for the power supply and PWM signal. Also note that there is a male and female connector on each of them.

In short, it’s hard to say more without full details. However, SilentiumPC boasts 6-year warranties like the Arctic and Noctua for example.

Here is the SilentiumPC technical sheet!

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