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On this page you will find hundred titles of VPRO Cinekid Top 100. This is not a ranking, as all the movies on it are highly recommended by us. There are movies that are suitable for children ages 4 to 14, and of course for parents and grandparents as well. The films in this list are classified on the basis of peak age. This list is just a guide; And it may also happen that a 5-year-old can enjoy the movies that we put on a 6-year-old. So age is not an indicator.

All the movies on this list are available in the Netherlands, spoken or with subtitles in Dutch. At the time of compilation, the committee will examine whether the film is available on DVD, can be viewed through major on-demand platforms such as NPO Plus, Netflix and Pathé Thuis, or whether it will be broadcast on TV. Since this information changes very quickly (movies move from platform to platform), and we cannot guarantee the most current status, we have chosen not to mention specific platforms in this list. Film.nl, among others, is a site that can provide this information in a number of cases.

The following films have been added to the VPRO CineKid Top 100 in 2021:
Amira, Captain Nova, The Club of Ugly Children, Frozen, The Goonies, Long Live the Queen, My Mother is a Gorilla, Petit Mammon, The Princess Bride, Soul, Tripel Trappel: Diren Sinterklaas.

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