Viewers Have the Same Complaint About Ryan Reynolds’ New Netflix Movie

Ryan Reynolds new movie Adam Project There was a mixed response after its release on Netflix, with some viewers unable to get past a particular aspect of the film.

This isn’t as surprising as it might seem at first, as Reynolds actually stars as a time-traveling pilot who travels to 2022, where he encounters a younger version of himself. is played by Walker Scobel, and a younger version of his father – hence the short age gap.

Ryan Reynolds’ new movie is named “Movie of the Year”. credit: netflix

The film garnered a positive audience score of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes, but that didn’t stop many viewers from taking to Twitter to complain about the aging effects of the film, which could lead to people on screen taking a few years off. are designed for. ,

Viewers noted how the film affected Katherine Keener, who played Maya Sorian, with one person writing, “Awesome Katherine [sic] Ironically, she looks much younger at her actual age – despite the CGI’s aging. ,

Another viewer wrote, “I can’t understand how they manipulated the aging of Katherine Keener’s character Adam ProjectShe looks like a sim. ,

One disappointed fan noted that the editing was so bad that he actually took his attention away from the film itself, writing, “Jesus Christ, in digital ageing. Adam Project It was terrible llama. It looked like a bad phone filter or a glaring deepfake, despite the fact that the visual effects for the rest of the film are pretty decent. It was so entertaining. ,

While there seems to be a broad consensus on how well the effects of aging work, luckily the issue turned out to be more fun than anything else and was not enough to deter people from enjoying the film.

Apart from complaints of aging, the film received much praise from audiences, with one calling it a “masterpiece”.

“I don’t say that about many movies, but Adam Project A masterpiece on Netflix,” he wrote, “Chef’s Kiss.”

Another commented: ” Adam Project Wonderful, hilarious, and full of heart, it’s undoubtedly one of Netflix’s best originals and a great opening for Walker Scobel. ,

1 on Netflix in the UK, bad or not, it sure looks like a hit.

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