VIDEO – Harry Potter: “Forbidden Forest” Enchantments Little Wizards, We Saw It

Immersion – In the north-west of England, the “Forbidden Forest” from the Harry Potter saga has been renovated to allow a magical immersion in the little wizard’s world, for a few months. A TF1 team was able to experience this immersion in a meaningful way.

“Wizards and Witches of All Ages are Welcome”, announce the organizers of the event. If the last book The Adventures of Harry Potter was published in 2007, and the eighth and last film of its film adaptation is already 10 years old, then the children of 2021 still hold a referendum on the little wizard. And it is above all to them that this reconstruction of the “Forbidden Forest” was designed on the border of the Hogwarts castle walls.

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As the name suggests, school students are prohibited from entering this forest, which becomes thick and dark as you progress. It is when they are punished that the heroes are forced to enter it, and they encounter an impressive amount of creatures: “Sinospectors” hide there, “Thestrals” fly there, But you might also see “botreux” or even “scrut”. in firecrackers. “This forest is so scary”, tells a young visitor in the TF1 report at the top of the article, “The eyes are watching us, we don’t know who they are”, His partner seems to have found a solution: “I take my stick (Magic, Editor’s Note) to get rid of it! ,,

Acromentulas and a Cracker Scrut

Even more formidable, a colony of Acromentulus is inhabited by the Forbidden Forest, giant hairy spiders that dozing off on Harry and his sidekick in one episode. This is one of the highlights of the experience, a reconstruction of this spider attack for a subdued audience. It required six weeks of work to set up the set and perfect the scenario, mobilizing the best specialists from American studio Warner Bros. for special effects. Thus 5000 lamps and 400 sound speakers create a complete illusion during the 90 minutes of this progression in the darkness of the Forbidden Forest.

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Moments from the movies come to life for a moment, such as when Harry Potter and Ron lose control of their flying car in the sky. “It’s like being in a movie”, A mother is excited, “The car is going down, it’s really successful”, Thousands of visitors already come each evening for this immersive experience that lasts until the end of the Christmas holidays.

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