(very) sharp bill that would represent control of the health pass in the hospital

Debate broke out in the National Assembly on Thursday 22 July. While deputies voted against the implementation of health passes for hospitals and nursing homes, the French Hospital Association (FHF) unveiled an estimate of the cost that control of the equipment would represent in hospitals and medical-social establishments. . Thus, the measure should cost hospitals 60 million euros per month, FranceInfo reports. A figure was sent to the health ministry on Tuesday.

The Bill provides for making health passes mandatory “in health, social and medical-social services and establishments” except in an emergency, only for persons accompanying or visiting these services and establishments. only those who are received there for scheduled care”. For health care establishments, this means deploying internal staff or recruiting agents to conduct entry checks. “Whether it is internal or external workers, the cost of this measure is estimated to be 60 million euros per month”, estimates the FHF.

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A measure involving the Hospital Fédération of France, which, however, warns of the financial and logistical consequences that may result. “The decision of the President of the Republic to make health passes mandatory, including access to our public health and medical-social establishments, is consistent. On the other hand, this decision is not without consequences for the logistics organization being implemented. In place of the controls of this device as well as to ensure financial support”, insists the General Representative of the FHF, Zainab Reit, with FranceInfo, specifying the Ministry of Health to request a “financial guarantee”.

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