Verdict on additional charges in George Floyd case

One of the officials said chief prosecutor Keith Ellison will make an important statement in the case this afternoon. The authorities would not explain what the decision was.

Now, when he killed on May 25, three former officers can be seen in the video on top of Floyd. Derek Chauvin, who pressed the knee on Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes, was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree murder.

Former officers Thomas Lane and J.A. The fourth ex-officer Tou Thao, standing next to Keung and others who helped prevent Floyd, has not yet been charged.

Floyd’s two autopsies determined he was murdered. The Minneapolis Police chief expelled the officers and said they were “accomplices” in Floyd’s death, and Floyd’s family and protesters asked all officers to be sentenced to be arrested and killed.

Floyd family lawyer Benjamin Crump CNN said on Wednesday that he is confident that other officials will be charged before the public memorial in Minneapolis on Thursday.

“I’m sure these officers will be blamed before people in Minneapolis before telling George Floyd their final farewell, rest in peace,” he said.

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