Val-de-Oise remains in Orange vigilance against Tiger Mosquito in 2021

The department publishes an updated map of tiger mosquitoes every year, based on vigilante-mosquito official data, but using a special method.

Finally, relatively good news for Val d’Oise.

Established Orange warning On Tiger mosquito On 2020, The Department of -le-de-France still does not go red, on the contrary Mayen, Cantal, Haute-Vienne, To Jura, Drama And this Dub, Whose part is it now 64 departments In maximum vigilance.

Vigilante mosquito, An organization specializing in stinging insects, however maintains the Val-deOis at the orange level 2021.

“This is to say that mosquitoes were present there occasionally in the last five years, which is in accordance with the methodology they adopted.”ECDC In its mission to monitor invasive vector species in Europe, ”Vigilance-Moustiques explains.

Which is also called AAedes Albopictus, This cute little animal does not spread COVID-19 But under certain conditions, the vector of transmission mayOther viruses It is so Dengue, Chikungunya where Zika.

Tiger’s “Awakening”

According to Mosquito Control of the Mediterranean Coast (EID), “Tiger” will flare up soon: a return of fine weather in May will “wake it up”: “If it is undoubtedly possible to see some of them now (such as other species of mosquitoes, moreover), tiger mosquitoes will be especially in the coming weeks. Resurgence from, ”confirms the agency.

In May, the tiger mosquito will start waking up. You can take advantage of imprisonment to take out stagnant water compounds. (© CC Zizounaï)

The latter advises ” Empty, Cover, put away all Containers can do Collect water For’Finish as many eggs as you can Tiger mosquito “.

Since last fall, tiger mosquito eggs have been in “diapause” (hibernation). They will slowly start to hatch and their presence will become really noticeable again. Month From I

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The EID therefore advises the French to take advantage of this period to “empty, cover, store all containers, so that as many tigers can collect water to eliminate mosquito eggs”.

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