Vacuum cleaner billionaire Dyson is apparently going back to the UK

British vacuum cleaner billionaire James Dyson lived well in Singapore for two years – now apparently returning to his old home: the entrepreneur has moved his personal residence back to Great Britain, British media reported, The documents cited that Dyson’s company had deposited are by authorities.

The seat of the vacuum cleaner empire remains in Singapore itself. Dyson’s spokesman for the BBC said the group’s structure had not changed. The company did not want to comment on the move of “Sir James”.

The inventors and billionaires provoke not only with the unusual design of their products, but also with their positions: Dyson was considered an avid advocate of Brexit. When Dyson announced shortly before the British exit from the European Union that he would move the headquarters of his vacuum cleaner empire to Singapore, the malfeasance in Great Britain was legendary. Along with Dyson, a “Brexiteer” is leaving the sinking ship, denounced by the Guardian at the time. Many British suspected that the move was mainly due to tax reasons.

Now Dyson is returning to his old homeland – and finds himself amid a debate about his relationship with Downing Street. British media has been reporting on alleged SMS messages between Dyson and Prime Minister Boris Johnson for days. Accordingly, Johnson is asked to informally communicate with Dyson – reportedly it was about a tax breakdown for the ventilator. The Prime Minister defended her view. Meanwhile, the Labor Party is demanding an “in-depth investigation” of the connection. According to media reports, Labor wants to question the Prime Minister in a parliamentary committee about the incidents.

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