Urgent escape plan ready if SpaceX mission goes south

Space travel can be fatal, but entrepreneur Elon Musk and NASA did everything they could to protect two senior astronauts exploding on Saturday in the first manned commercial mission.

First, the bad news: According to Musk’s aerospace manufacturer, NASA and SpaceX, who built the rocket, the mission has a chance to drop to 1 in 276.

Now, the good news: the mission is likely to fail at 1 in 60, but astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behrken are still alive, Business Insider reported.

How could their chances of survival be so good?

Everything is designed to break off from the Falcon 9 rocket if things go south due to the emergency stop system in the Crew Dragon capsule.

The Crew would then fire eight SuperDraco engines to drive Dragon Hurley and Behrken as far as possible.

Obviously, the Dragon would deploy four giant parachutes and fall into the Atlantic Ocean, where rescuers would gather astronauts.

Don’t worry, Musk and his engineers have tested this maneuver more than once – but of course not with astronauts inside.

“The place is hard, you’re doing your best,” said Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell Post.

“Falcon 9 is not a new rocket. It flew 80 times and it just blew a few times. Rockets are increasingly reliable. The new thing is the human crew. This raises risks with the NASA jargon for the same thing – or retires from a major risk. “

Hurley and Behnken clearly have the right things because they’re cool at the dangers.

“I think we’re really comfortable with it,” Behnken He told Business Insider earlier this month.

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