United Kingdom, they have kidnapped Darius: the biggest rabbit in the world

London – This seems to be the case made especially for Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, and Miss Marple. Or perhaps for Rudy and Anita, the unforgettable duo of the cartoon “The 101 Dalmatian”, who set on the thieves’ trail of their delicious Dalmatian puppies with the help of dogs, horses and other species, of which the Crimeria Demon would like to make a fur coat for. But here we are not in a detective story or cartoon. We are in Worcestershire, a county in central England, where someone stole the world’s largest rabbit.

The 129-cm-long-suffering Darius was taken out of his cage in a home garden in Stulton Village. It entered the Guinness World Record in 2010, the book attests to all types of records due to its extraordinary size. “It’s a very sad day,” he told Al Guardian Its owner, Annette Edwards, is offering a reward of £ 1,000 (over 1,100 euros) for the discovery. “Please bring it back to us,” he wrote on Twitter, saying it is too old to be used for reproduction.

His comment suggests that skeptics are oriented towards animal breeders, a cycle that often borders on illegal and does not hesitate to resort to theft to obtain the most valuable specimens. Darius is, in fact, a rarity: a record-breaking giant continental rabbit, which in theory could become a good business for anyone hoping to reproduce similar offspring. But of course other hypotheses cannot be preferred. There may be enemies of Mrs. Edwards who intended to avenge her by taking her into his most precious possession. It is also possible that someone only wanted to play a joke on him in poor taste. Or that unknown individuals thought they could easily buy the ransom. Not to mention the most terrible hypothesis: that the thieves wanted to put it in the pot.

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Whatever, law enforcement took the case seriously. “We appeal for information about the theft of a prized rabbit from a home in Storleton, County Worcester,” a local statement announced. “It is believed that he was stolen from his cage in the owners’ garden on the night of Saturday 11 April.” Agents left a phone number to call someone with useful information to investigate.

It would be nice if dogs from the surrounding countryside, barking from one yard to another, would sound the alarm and start hunting for thieves, as in “101 Dalmatians” looking for Pongo and Peggy puppies. But life is not a Disney cartoon and does not always guarantee a happy ending.

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