United Kingdom: The aggressive gesture of a new minister makes waves

VsThat small gesture, circulated collectively on social networks, is at the core of a new controversy surrounding Boris Johnson’s government. On Thursday 7 July, shortly before her appointment to the Department of Education, Andrea Jenkins was filmed giving the middle finger to a crowd of protesters demanding the resignation of Boris Johnson outside 10 Downing Street, report this international mail, The opposition quickly reacted to these images highlighting the contempt of the new minister.

In the same excerpt, we hear him shout “the last one who laughs will have a good laugh”, reveals Times, which specifies that “the extract must have been filmed shortly before the announcement of the resignation of Conservative Party chief Boris Johnson and before he was appointed minister”. Described by tabloids as ‘unconditionally loyal to Boris Johnson’ SubwayThis middle finger addressed to the crowd is in line with the scandals that followed the election of the Prime Minister.

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a succession of government scandals

Guardian Even exposes a “malignant legacy”. Referring to “Wallpapergate”, a controversy surrounding the cost of refurbishing 10 Downing Street, the British daily recalls that “many questions about the events that took place during his chaotic reign may remain unanswered”. Not to mention “Partygate”, this scam involving parties organized by members of the government with little to no respect for health regulations.

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