United Kingdom: health status, last public appearance, moving… How is Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II said on Friday evening that she would not attend Commonwealth Day celebrations at Westminster Abbey in London as planned.

Queen Elizabeth II will not attend the annual Commonwealth Day celebrations at London’s Westminster Abbey on Monday, Buckingham Palace announced on Friday evening. As part of this annual Commonwealth Day, around 1,500 people are expected to attend, which is closely related to the sovereign who turns 96 in April.

“The Queen has asked the Prince of Wales to represent Her Majesty at the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on Monday,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement. ,

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The palace did not give a reason for the cancellation. The event represented for the Queen, who will turn 96 next month, her first participation in a major public event, after several months of worry about her health, and three weeks after catching COVID.

When was his last public appearance?

Over the months, the sovereign’s presence has become rare. After spending a night in the hospital in October, for “preliminary examinations”, on which no details were ever given, the sovereign confined himself to “light duties” at Windsor Castle on the advice of his doctors. The cancellation announced on Friday is in addition to a diplomatic reception on March 2, their first major engagement since October.

But on March 7, Sovereign personally received Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom she has known since childhood. “She was more insightful than ever and very interested in what is happening,” he said after the meeting, whose photos show a relaxed and smiling queen.

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Mild covid and heading to Windsor

Mahal announced on 20 February that he had caught COVID, speaking of “mild symptoms”. Always stable, the sovereign, visibly more vulnerable in recent months, has resumed some light activities, receiving a handful of ambassadors by videoconference at Windsor Castle, where she lives for credentials since the pandemic . His son Prince Charles said in early March that the world’s oldest ruler was “much better now”.

critical health for several months

Known for her strong health, she was first seen using a cane on 12 October. After her brief hospitalization, she had canceled several commitments, including a trip to the Climate Conference (COP 26). Mahal then explained that she had back pain, to explain another last-minute cancellation a few days later. The sovereign admitted last month that he had mobility problems. “As you can see, I can’t move,” she said, showing her left leg, receiving the two soldiers.

Camilla, Dub Queen Consort

During her platinum jubilee in February 2022, the Queen named Camilla, the wife of her son Prince Charles, as the future queen consort. “When, in the fullness of time, my son Charles becomes king, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support you have given me,” he said in a public address. , A formality as a handover?

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