UNHCR calls for support for displaced people’s resilience to climate risk

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has renewed its call on world leaders and COP26 participants to support the resilience of displaced populations in the face of the risks of climate change.

“90% of refugees of concern to the UNHCR, and 70% of those internally displaced by conflict, come from countries most vulnerable to climate change. Climate disasters force millions of people to leave their homes every year,” said UNHCR Special Adviser on Climate Action Andrew Harper in a statement to the media in Geneva.

Mr. Harper observed that “displaced communities living in areas most vulnerable to climate change face threats to their lives and livelihoods. Without adequate support to help them adapt, the cycle of crisis and displacement continues.” Will stay and get worse”.

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“Women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities and Indigenous peoples are often disproportionately affected,” he said, adding that “the Sustainable Development Goals and other efforts to secure the human rights of these groups are undermined by our collective neglect of carbon. Reduce emissions and finance optimization”.

“In Glasgow, the UNHCR called for increased action and support to avoid, minimize and address displacement, as well as greater support for adaptation, particularly for displaced people, but also for those who are displaced. host community,” Mr. Harper said.

“We welcome efforts to reduce emissions, increase funding, support adaptation, and address harm and damage. However, we are concerned that COP26 has not defined concrete actions to meet commitments in these areas. It will be necessary to protect vulnerable communities around the world and avoid the disastrous consequences for millions of refugees, displaced persons and stateless persons.

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“The leaders of the planet must redouble their efforts to strengthen the means to protect those most affected by the climate crisis,” he pleaded.

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