UN Xi Jinping calls for the establishment of a global development community with a shared future

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday. delivered a video conference speech duringth United Nations General Assembly session.

During his speech, Xi Jinping argued that it is up to every responsible politician to answer the questions of his time and conduct a historic election with confidence, courage and a sense of commitment. The President further announced that his country will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the People’s Republic of China’s rightful seat in the United Nations, which he believes is a historic event.

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He said that the Middle Kingdom would make a new and greater contribution to further the noble cause of the United Nations. It is also about strengthening its support for expanding green and low-carbon energy to other developing countries, apart from a promise not to build new coal-fired power plant projects overseas.

The Chinese President also called for considering the special needs of developing countries. “We can use measures such as debt suspension and development assistance to help developing countries, especially those that are vulnerable and facing extraordinary difficulties, with a focus on imbalanced and inadequate development within and between countries. By doing,” he urged the member states. To build a global development community with a shared future.

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Xi Jinping said that to deal with the epidemic, China will try to give a total of 2 billion doses of Kovid-19 vaccine to the world by the end of the year. The country will continue to support and engage in scientific tracing of the origins of the coronavirus around the world and strongly opposes political maneuvering in any form.

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