UK, will ISP keep surfer’s register?

Is called “Investigative Rights Act“And there has been debate since 2016. It is now known that technical tests to meet that law will already take place and the United Kingdom will, therefore, already be active in tracking users’ navigation. In fact, the law is actually Approves this type of action: D Creation of ISP of a register that keeps track of sites visited by users, So as to be able to return any useful information.

The collection is called Internet connection record (ICR) and represents the data basin within which the authorities are likely to go and attract them for various purposes. A true X-Post mass surveillance aimed, in essence, to allow an understanding of the services (crime, investigation, wiretapping) used by individuals in case of need.

UK, ISPs create a log of online activities

The law is clearly controversial and knowing that the trial has been going on for months certainly makes us reflect on what it can represent for user privacy. Home Office interprets spirits, interprets Limited time (1 year) and keep track without too much detail: You don’t want to know exactly what users are doing, but their online journey is “only”. Assurances, in short, much less reassuring. The test has so far involved two providers and it is unclear how many users have been detected: everything methodically secreted to avoid leaking too much information on a story known to be fragile for public comparison is kept.

The Home Office states that the first purpose of the test is to assess the effectiveness of the legislation and the potential usefulness of the data. As if to say: made the law, let’s try to understand how to take advantage of it. An approach that is certainly not in line with the English mindset and with that taste of freedom that the political debate around Brexit has repeatedly accepted. One approach, in fact, inevitably led people to discuss.

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