UK weather forecast: Aiden to hit Britain with gusts of up to 3 mph and three inches of rain

UK weather forecast: Aiden to hit Britain with gusts of up to 3 mph and three inches of rain

Britain’s heavy rainfall has to be washed away by the frequent rains of mp0 hours per week, which could enter the stormy Aiden.

Despite the relative calm on Tuesday compared to the upcoming season, the rain will really lie down as a result of setting up a “perfectly wet day” by tomorrow evening, says BBC forecaster Helen Willets.

There is only one flood warning in East Anglia from the Environment Agency today, but the British can expect much more as the day goes on – up to three inches of rain is expected in parts of Scotland on Wednesday.

If the wind is strong enough for an amber warning from the Met Office, Storm Aiden will be named as the first of the season.

There are some places for the sun on Tuesday

Meteorologists are divided over whether the weather front will be strong once it reaches the ground, with some saying it was said too early – but others are sure it is on the card.

Tuesday will probably be a “good day” for most, despite traveling south ahead of the weather and “getting some rain,” Ames Willets said.

Part of the bright sky at noon is 18 degrees high and allows plenty of sun to fall but “it won’t end”.

Tonight will be a rain band suit

A new band of slow-moving rain is beginning tonight, driven by strong south winds and there could be 40-60mm of rain in southern and western Scotland by tomorrow.

“Give it a whole wet,” Ms. Willetts continued. “Wednesday felt wet, windy and cool.

“[And] The cold weather is still going on towards the end of the week.

“The short break, possibly, is Thursday, but there’s still uncertainty about where this low-pressure area will come from by Friday, but once it does, it will bring dry and windy weather, not just through Friday, but over the weekend as well.”

The rain will continue over the weekend

She adds, “Not only is it wet and airy, it’s much cooler.”

Temperatures also seem to drop from mid-adolescent Celsius to lower-single digits in some parts.

Morning snowfall over the weekend will be a fixing to the north and west of the islands.

Leon Brown, head of the Weather Channel’s meteorological department, predicted there would be five storms this fall and winter.

UK 5 day weather forecast


Light rain and drizzle in the east can be slow in most places with dry shaking through a few springs in the dry northwest where the winds will be fresher later.


Clouds, winds, and gusts spread to the west overnight. Mainly dry with clear period in central and eastern regions. A few fogs and fog are probably particularly prevalent across the south east UK.


Wet and windy weather bands sometimes move eastward with heavy rainfall. It will probably cover parts of Scotland. Sun and shower to follow later in W.

Views from Thursday to Saturday:

Increasingly volatile. There will be continuous rain in the south on Friday with some heavy rain in most places during Saturday. The northwest can remain mostly dry and bright.

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