UK wants to avoid airport chaos during summer holidays

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Long queues, serial cancellations and stuff that doesn’t arrive: UK airports have been in chaos since the Easter holidays. As the summer school holidays draw closer, airlines have just announced that more cancellations are expected in the coming days.

With our correspondent in London, Laura Kalmus

Will they be able to go on vacation? Englishmen ask themselves this question. The government has authorized airlines to cancel flights that they find difficult to do, thus giving passengers a warning in advance.

Its aim is to eliminate the scenes of chaos at the airports of the country. Thursday 30 June, thirty flights. departing from Heathrow Airport was cancelled, and passengers were informed at the last minute.

government is taking action

In an effort to prepare as much as possible for the summer holidays, the British government has also unveiled a series of measures allowing better management in airports, notably to help with the recruitment and training of air staff.

Transportation Minister Grant Shapps explained that health restrictions have been in place for more than 100 days and so it is high time airports operate normally. But during the pandemic, layoffs have multiplied. Furthermore, with Brexit, it is difficult to recruit European workers.

The minister also plans to expedite the recruitment process, especially the security checks done by the officials which make recruitment very complicated.

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