UK relies on consulting to strengthen its cyber security

The UK is seeking advice on how to strengthen its cyber security. It also wants to strengthen the flexibility of its data centers and online cloud platforms. Data infrastructure should, in fact, enhance its security against disruptions and cyber threats.

United Kingdom: The new protection is based on existing guarantees

The number of people dependent on digital services is increasing day by day. Whether it is making calls, sending photos or sending messages, data infrastructure takes up a lot of space. Companies that bought cloud services more than doubled between 2013 and 2019, according to research from the Office for National Statistics. This figure brings down the more than half of the companies that now rely on cloud platforms.

The UK’s data storage and processing infrastructure handles large amounts of data. In addition, it has cloud platforms that provide computer services that can be shared remotely via the Internet.

Data center cyber security will depend on existing security measures. This includes the Network and Information System (NIS) Regulations 2018. The latter covers cloud computing services. National Cyber ​​Security Center and National Infrastructure Protection Center Regularly updates data center guidelines.

UK to consider notice to strengthen its cyber security

Going forward, the UK will prioritize the millions of people who rely on data infrastructure to improve their services. In addition, the proposals will serve small businesses to access essential IT services. Furthermore, if the UK is more dependent on digital services, protecting this infrastructure means protecting the economy. This is what the data minister said Julia Lopez , We’ve enacted legislation to better protect our telecommunications networks and Internet-connected devices in our homes from cyberattacks, and we’re now looking for new ways to strengthen the security of our data infrastructure to prevent sensitive data from falling into bad hands. Looking for.

Today, UK invites comments. This is to understand the risks faced by data storage and processing services. He encourages data center operators, cloud platform providers, customers, security and equipment providers, and cybersecurity experts to contribute. In particular, he wants to know what steps they are taking to address security and resilience vulnerabilities.

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In addition, the call will also provide more information on the types of business customers. It relates to both those who rent, buy or operate any element of the data center.

It is then based on these opinions received that the DCMS (Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) will decide whether additional government support or management will still be necessary.

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