UK record: Most important ambassadors are all women

London For the first time in British history – and in any other country in the world – London’s ambassadors for key diplomatic positions are all women. The UK record is sensational as it has never happened in any other country. In this sense, the final appointment was that of 53-year-old Menna Rallings, who, under David Cameron, would be the new ambassador to Paris in place of former cabinet chief Lord Ed Llewellyn in Downing Street and who would now get a diplomatic post in another country.

“I’m delighted,” Rawlings tweeted, “being the first woman to receive the honor.” This is correct, as the last 43 Britons to lead the mission in the French capital were all men. British Foreign Minister Dominic Rab tweeted, “I can’t wait to work with him.”

Rowling is a former High Commissioner in Australia (title of ambassador to 16 Commonwealth countries) and a cricket fan, Wire, In the past he was already rejoicing to see TV Jodi Whitaker as the first female interpreter of “Doctor Who”. Now her appointment completes the cycle: because the main posts of British diplomacy are now all women. She is Karen Pearce in Washington, Carolyn Wilson in Beijing, Jill Gallard in Berlin, Deborah Bronert in Moscow, Jill Morris in Rome and Julia Longbottom in Tokyo.

Not only that: because for example, another woman, “Dame” Barbara Woodward, plays the British envoy at the U.N., and so Vicky Trederell, also High Commissioner in Kembra, who succeeded Rawlings, while Sarah McIntosh is the British Ambassador to NATO.

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As the conservative English newspaper recalls, it is a revolution because there have not been so many years since, in 1946, the Foreign Office allowed women worldwide to hold diplomatic posts. Only thirty years ago women had the right to vote across the channel. But the first female ambassador did not arrive until 1976, when “Dame” Anne Warburton led the British mission in Denmark. Three years ago Margaret Thatcher entered Downing Street.

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