UK hot weather latest: 25C Atlantic heat blast shakes Britain – new chart | Weather | News

UK hot weather latest: 25C Atlantic heat blast shakes Britain - new chart |  Weather |  News

Netwerder’s latest hot weather maps have further increased temperatures in the south-east of England as the week progresses. On Tuesday, regions including Petersburg and Cambridge will hit 25C. Northern areas such as Sheffield and Leeds will also live at altitudes of 23C.

Networld’s Paul Michael White forecast temperatures to rise further on Tuesday.

He said: “There will be some heavy eruptions in the west between England and Wales on Monday, but in most places if the east is not completely dry.

“It should have been clear by Tuesday to leave England and Wales, leaving England and Wales with some hot sunshine and temperatures in their teens or early twenties.

“Another front will move to Scotland and possibly Northern Ireland, although there will be an outbreak of rain, which will become heavier as the day progresses.

“It will move southeast towards Midwick, but it will flow a little further south as it reaches southern England, becoming a bit faster than a band of clouds.”

But Mr Michael White added that the warmer weather would increase after a week of scattered rains.

He said: “This weekend has started with the sun shaking and the showers scattering.

“These are the most frequently scattered in the north and west of the country,” he said. ” Scattered places are becoming more and more frequent in the north and west of the scattered areas, some parts of the south and southeast may miss them completely.

“It will be windy almost everywhere, and those winds will blow from a relatively cool west or northwest that will keep an eye on the temperature. The southern regions will probably reach 18-18 centigrade, but the range will be around 14-17c elsewhere.

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“Temperatures range from 12C (54F) in the northwest to 19 degrees Celsius (66F) in the southeast.

“Tonight’s rain is even more widespread in Scotland but there will be some heavy virtualization in Wales as well as in the north and west of England. Chile with a touch of ground frost in Scottish Glens.”

The Met Office also expected to see a temperature sizzle on Tuesday.

It said: “Today is exciting, especially in the north, a mixture of sunny showers and waterfalls, often frequent in the northwest, some southern areas are dry il temperatures are close to normal.

“Tonight, the shower is becoming more widespread in the western regions, although it is mostly dry in the south and east of the UK.

“On Sunday, scorching sun and scattered rain, somewhat heavy in the morning across northern and western England and Wales. Less showers in the north.

“Friday’s dry start, with clouds and some rain in the northwest, hit southeast across all regions between Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Rather warm up earlier, especially on Tuesdays.”

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